When they're not so little anymore...

This is going to be a jumbled mix of emotion I'm tossing your way.. but hey, real life.

The cutest Birthday Girl Ever!

Birthdays used to be something I always looked forward too. Fresh Starts New Beginnings

A Fun Night or Weekend fill with laughs and Friends and of course... Birthday Cake! BUT. Now I have a little human and it means so much more... With each Birthday that passes it means..

She's getting a little taller Riding rides at the fair she couldn't the year before... Taking showers instead of baths... Brushing her own hair... Switching from a tricycle to a "Big Girl Bike"

However, in the midst of all those things that tug on my heart strings making me wish I could freeze time, it also means.. She's becoming her own person. She's starting to develop her own relationship with the Lord which is incredible. She's asking questions that I thought I had more time to figure out how to answer. She's showing me that shes a fighter and stronger than I ever thought. She's showing me how independent she is AND showing me how much lover she has for her Momma and how important our relationship is to her!

I love spoiling her on her Birthday but honestly her Birthday made me reflect on all the things I've done this last year that I could've done a little differently. I'm learning not to live in regret but just push forward and figure out how I can be better.

I'm never going to be the perfect Mom AND THAT"S OK.

We all have this idea in our heads what the "perfect mom" looks like and what i've learned is we all have a different image of that in our mind. Our babies are resilient and so forgiving. They love us even when we fall short. Her love actually reminds me of the Love God has for us. He see's the good and the bad & chooses Love every. time.

My biggest hope and prayer is that her heart stays as pure and full of joy over the years.. With every passing Birthday she'll have more and more stuff tossed her way.. But my prayer is that the Love of the Lord and his Grace and Forgiveness always shines through as a solid reminder to her.

Do you go through all these crazy emotions as your kids age? I wanna know! Let me know on instagram or in the comments!

with love, Bekah