Baby Showers Just Make Life Happy!

I’ve Linked Everything I purchased from Amazon to my storefront!

Okay, so first off. I have to tell you.. I didn't pull this all off on my own! My sisters and my Mom helped as well!

I had so many lovely companies help me shower my sister!

A little back story.. I'm from a large family! I have 6 siblings... 6 Girls 1 Boy! My mom decided to put her life on hold and be a stay at home Mom and home-school all of us. (So when you spot a grammatical error.. .contact her!) My oldest sister Shawna was my best friend when I was young!

She read to me, brushed my hair, played with me and put me to sleep!

Such a special day!

Fast forward 20 years and all those amazing motherly qualities are now put to good use! It's her turn with the 7 kids now. She is pregnant with her 7th baby and finally getting to experience the wonder of Pink & Bows! Our family wanted to make sure her day was extra special and shower her and the Baby with so much love! We started with the theme and color scheme. My sister has eclectic taste but LOVES floral. We decided to do a little mix of color to feed that eclectic side but stay true to the floral and simplicity that she loves too! My sister is incredibly loved and had so many people coming to shower baby S. with love we decided to host at my other sisters store, Bourbon & Rye. It created the perfect environment and made decorating fairly simple! Anyways, lets get to it!

Abby & Finn was gracious enough to supply my sister with a month of diapers and wipes! I highly recommend them to anyone that's pregnant and looking for a safe trustworthy diaper line! This is also a great option for grandparents or baby registries! How awesome would it be to receive a diaper subscription as gift?

For those of you looking for the fine print- here it is! TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) wood pulp from sustainably managed forestsSAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) - Sodium PolyacrylateTopsheet - extra soft, 100% pp nonwovenCore Wrap, Leg Cuffs - 100% pp nonwovenAcquisition Layer - polyester fibersBacksheet - pp fibers and pe film for softness and liquid containmentLeg, Waist and Crotch Elastics polyurethaneMade without lead, heavy metals or dyes No Harmful Substances

NO chlorineNO heavy metalsNO latexNO fragrancesNO lotions or moisturizersNO substances known as harmful to the environmentNO known allergensNO dye Next, I got to completely spoil Baby S. with this ahhhmazing Snuggle Nest Peak from Baby Delight! This is such an amazing product and brings so much comfort to co-sleeping moms or dads! I always loved co-sleeping with Mabel but when you're exhausted and sleeping heavy... there are risk!

Farah Morton, the owner of Baby Delight knows the dangers associated with co-sleeping, so she started experimenting with ways to create a safer area on her own bed that would protect her newborn and allow the closeness she wanted for those first precious months. With her second baby, she refined her ideas into a simple, innovative product design, and the Snuggle Nest was born! I've linked more info on their company here! Last but not least, We have this amazing Diaper bag Backpack from Amazon!

This came from Vogshow and is seriously such good quality I was so happy to open it up and check it out! In fact, I ordered one in pink for Mabel and I! It has a spot for wipes and a thermal pouch for bottles / snacks! Also its lined and easy to wipe for spills! Yay! I couldnt have pulled this all off on my own but I'm so thankful to all the brands for making this happen and helping me spoil my big sister for once! Thank you again, Abby & Finn Baby Delight Vogshow <3 Momma & Mabel Leave us some love or let us know if you've tried these products yourselves! Xoxo