Baby Lush Celebration!

Saturday was such a GOOD day! One of those days that just totally fills your cup! I've been waiting to share all of the beautiful details of the planning for shower for @Malarykae on the blog for WEEKS.. Part of me is sad it's over but on the flip that just means Baby L is that much closer to arrival! It's been so long since I've had a sweet little baby to snuggle. I am ready for the fresh newborn smell.. you know the smell I'm talking about! The kind that makes you want to have 5 more kids!

I've always had a special bond with my sisters little boys & I'm sure this little man will be one of my best buds too! I actually used to be their nanny for a couple of years and that's something that'll always be a special memory for all of us. We took a lot of trips together & have so many memories!

Anyways, back to the shower! The shower was everything a girl could dream of (says the girl that hosted! haha) The color pallet, the menu & the decor just made my heart happy. This baby is also extra special to all of us because it's my sisters rainbow baby!! She has been through a lot this last year and I wanted her to feel love and from the outside looking in... I think we all accomplished that!


Ok, for the fun stuff! Here is all the decor info I've been dying to share! I wanted to go for a simple boho earthy vibe with light airy colors because my sisters house is straight out of a magazine! Let's start with my favorite part! The dainty backdrop! We used a stick from the woods to create the backdrop which was fun and brought in the boho vibe I was wanting! It's super simple and super affordable which make it that much better!

I used twine attached to the limb to hang it. I cut green vine ribbon in strips & draped over the top & finished off with this beautiful wood "Oh Baby" sign I found online! Click here to shop!

On the island we used fresh fruit (more on that later) surrounded by faux greenery I purchased online. I ordered a handful of different styles and found a few I LOVED and looked real! I'm super picky about faux greenery and I feel like this was the perfect look.

@Arrowsandolivess made this absolutely stunning naked cake! The frosting was a dream and the fruit looked fake it was so perfectly made.

How amazing are these blocks?! we ordered two sets to make sure we had flexibilty on what we spelt! They can be left blank or you could have the guest sign them! On the counter mixed into the food set up I added these wood hearts that read "It's a Boy" just a fun simple little detail that can be used as a keepsake in a memory book too!

I purchased these Thank You cards online as well and they came beautifully packaged and with these simple brown envelopes. We asked that the guest help the Momma to be and sign their own address so she can fill them out and drop them in the mail. Major hack for baby showers if you're looking for any!

This book is a special one.. We used this book as a keepsake for baby and the reason it's so special is because my sister @MalaryKae used this same book at my shower for Mabel! It's one of Mabel's favorite books to sit down and read. Full of sweet words and wishes for my girl and now this book will be loved my Malary and little man forever! The pages are filled with the cutest sayings and such sweet artwork from everyone that attended the shower. Highly recommend if you're searching for a gift or a keepsake for a shower! Totally gender neutral.

The tableware was super important to me too! I didn't want to wash dishes for an hour after the party but wanted to make sure it still looked nice out on the counter, in photos & still went with our theme! I found all of these disposable dishes separately but they go together as if they are a set! Plus, we have extra for Christmas morning coffee so I'm not mad about that! HA! Less dishes always get my vote! Everyone said they looked so good they didn't want to throw away. Very pretty and the coffee cups didn't get too hot!

We used all of my Mom's crystal dishes from her Mom & I feel as if that just added another level of love to the whole shower.. Malary was my Grandma Peaches FAVE so it felt nice to have a part of her there on Saturday!

This beautiful sign came from Etsy and we printed it off as a poster at Walgreens! Always check for discounts too. We got it 40% off and taped it to the canvas!

This beautiful wooden rainbow was gifted to me by @Brecoastal and oh my goodness It's a stunning piece! Please go check out her Instagram and give her a follow! She made this special order and will totally work with you to create. She's a true artist and I now feel like I need this rainbow too!! There are so many other items available as well. Thank you so much for such a special keepsake Breanna!

I also teamed up with BabyDelight again because they have the most practical gifts you can find for new baby & toddlers! Malary is constantly on the go so being able to have s portable bassinet with a nightlight and sound machine just seemed like a must! They are always coming out with new products. Also! when you shop BabyDelight you're supporting a sweet Momma who pursued her dream and rocked it! This was a gift I gave to my oldest sister at her baby shower and it's now well loved!

Next up... This amazingly GORGEOUS balloon arch! Now, I gotta spend a minute here.. I've made a lot of balloon arches in the last couple years & NONE of them come close to this one. The set up is so much easier and it looks like it’s done professionally with the color variety & size variance. You can use code MABELANDMOMMA to save you 10% here! Worth every penny and the balloon pump is a must!









Tea Biscuits

Honey Butter


Breakfast Sausage Balls

Hashbrown Casserole



Fruit Tea

Fruit Water

Naked Cake

Munchkin Donuts


It was truly a magical day!!! If you have any questions or need a link just email me! I’m so glad you stopped by! We’re always creating content on @Mabel.and.Momma so go follow us and say hello!!

Here are some more shots from the day!